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The Alchemist – The Belgrade Theatre, Coventry

Writer: Ben Johnson Director: Paul Burbridge Reviewer: Nicole Evans Written in the 17th century, The Alchemist is a satirical account of the perception of alchemical ideas and the abuse of them by opportunist con-men. Preying on the weaknesses of local citizens, a trio of undesirable criminals sets out to earn their fortune by offering a range of alternative services and ...

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Time of My Life – Oxford Playhouse

Writer: Alan Ayckbourn Director: Alan Ayckbourn Reviewer: Mary Tapper In this touring set of plays, The Ayckbourn Ensemble, we have a new play, Arrivals &Departures, a couple of one act farces, Farcicals, and a revival of an old favourite, Time of My Life. Here Alan Ayckbourn has chosen to revisit one of his favourite plays on the 21st anniversary of ...

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Amateur Girl – Nottingham Playhouse

Writer: Amanda Whittington Director: Kate Chapman Reviewer: Phil Lowe Amateur Girl by Amanda Whittington is based on real life stories of women who choose to or who are manipulated into getting themselves involved in the amateur porn fantasy business to subsidise a life on a low wage. It is billed as a hard hitting, poignant yet wryly amusing play and ...

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My Judy Garland Life – Nottingham Playhouse

Writer: Amanda Whittington Director: Kath Rogers Reviewer: Phil Lowe In her acclaimed memoir, My Judy Garland Life, author Susie Boyt, says of hero worship: 'Hero worship, when properly entered into has a great deal of poetry to it. It inspires and motivates, renews and revives. It encourages introspection, investigation of desire, personal moral inventory and all manner of fruitful examinations... ...

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The Dishwashers – The HOUSE, Birmingham REP

Writer: Morris Panych Director: Nikolai Foster Reviewer: Selwyn Knight The programme for The Dishwashers carries an article, ‘This Means War!’, in which the notion of class war is discussed. For at its heart, The Dishwashers is indeed about class and how the classes interact – a very British notion, yet it was written by a Canadian and was first produced ...

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Drunk – The Curve, Leicester

Music: Grant Olding Choreographer: Drew McOnie Reviewer: James Garrington The intimate studio at Leicester’s Curve theatre provides a wonderful venue for the premiere of Drunk, the inaugural production of the McOnie Company. Founded by up-and-coming choreographer Drew McOnie in October 2013, the company aims to bridge the gap between musical theatre and traditional dance by bringing together performers and creative ...

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How To Be Immortal – mac, Birmingham

Writer: Mira Dovreni Director: Kirsty Housley Reviewer: Selwyn Knight It is difficult to categorise How To Be Immortal. At its centre is two true stories of, on the surface, largely unremarkable people. It’s also about how those around them deal with loss. Henrietta Lacks died in 1951 of a particularly virulent strain of cancer. A biopsy was taken from the ...

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Matthew Bourne’s Swan Lake – Milton Keynes Theatre

Music: Tchaikovsky Director and Choeographer: Matthew Bourne Set and Costume Designer: Lez Brotherston Reviewer: Maggie Constable What more can one say about Matthew Bourne and his New Adventures Company that has not already been said?! A rhetorical question really since his productions, and in particular his Swan Lake, are responsible for selling both classical ballet and contemporary dance to UK ...

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