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Wonderland – New Alexandra Theatre, Birmingham

Steven Webb and Kerry Ellis in Wonderland

Book: Gregory Boyd and Jack Murphy (from the works of Lewis Caroll) Music: Frank Wildhorn Lyrics: Jack Murphy Director: Lotte Wakeham Reviewer: James Garrington If you come to see Wonderland hoping for something profound with well-rounded characters, you are in the wrong place. There is a moral, a lesson to take away – but more than anything it’s a lot ...

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In The Motherhood – mac, Birmingham

In The Motherhood

Writer: Hayley Pepler Director: Tom Saunders Reviewer:  John Kennedy The universality of perfect motherhood as a primal, nurturing absolute is frothily deconstructed in this wry, aridly dry, newly-penned observational satire by playwright Hayley Pepler. But is something much more sinister being nurtured here? Might the overbearing chic Bonnie (Sarah Horner) bottle-blonde and alabaster, the chalk to Nita’s (Louise Mardenborough) nits and ...

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There Will Be Blood: Live – Symphony Hall, Birmingham

Composer: Jonny Greenwood Conductor: Hugh Brunt Director: Paul Thomas Anderson Reviewer:  George Attwell Gerhards One notable thing about There Will Be Blood is Jonny Greenwood’s haunting soundtrack, an assault of tense and uneasy strings that sets your teeth on edge right from the first few shots. It perfectly captures the mood of Paul Thomas Anderson’s bleak sparse exploration of the ...

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Dame Nature – The Magnificent Bearded Lady – Old Joint Stock, Birmingham

Writers: Tim Bell with Havoc Theatre Directors: Laurence Cook and Hannah Kew Reviewer:  John Kennedy Tragi-comic, pathos heart-string tugging, this Bearded Lady made quite an impression on last year’s Edinburgh Fringe and might well have become a minor cult hit: if only by a whisker - if only someone had had the heart (and comb) to tell her. We are ...

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Debris – Derby Theatre

Deviser: Louise White Reviewer:  Hannah Powell At first glance,  Debris appears to be a comedic interpretation of someone’s journey through depression, but as the show progresses it becomes much more than just that. It attacks the root of depressions through the first-hand experiences of the creator, Louise White. One might suspect that it might make a mockery of mental illness without ...

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Friday Night Classics: John Williams at The Oscars – Symphony Hall, Birmingham

Conductor: Michael Seal Reviewer:  Selwyn Knight John Williams is a musical chameleon. He is able to adjust his style to suit, it seems, any film, although he will, of course, forever be associated in the minds of audiences everywhere for his long-standing collaboration with Stephen Spielberg, having scored all but three of the latter’s films. Almost 85 years of age, ...

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Swan Lake – Aylesbury Waterside Theatre

Swan Lake from St Petersburg Ballet Theatre

Music: Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky Choreographer: Marina Medvetskaya Reviewer:  Scott Matthewman Considered a flop when first performed, it was only a restaging after Tchaikovsky's death that propelled Swan Lake to the position of one of classical ballet's most beloved pieces. Northern Ballet opened Aylesbury's Waterside Theatre with their reinterpretation of the ballet back in 2010, but Marina Medvetskaya's St Petersburg Classic Ballet company stick to the ...

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