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LATITUDE 2016: Mark Steel

Comedian Mark Steel

Venue: Comedy Arena Reviewer: Fergus Morgan   From Keighley to Kent, Carlisle to Cornwall, Mark Steel clearly has a deep knowledge of this green and pleasant land. That much is obvious. His 45-minute slot in Latitude’s comedy tent is essentially a middle-aged man’s diffuse ramblings on the state of the post-Brexit nation, the state of the English football team, and ...

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LATITUDE 2016: Glen Neath and David Rosenberg – Seance

Seance - Latitude Festival

Creators: Glen Neath and David Rosenberg, Venue: Pandora's Playground Reviewer: Nicole Evans   As we take our seats in the shipping container there are giggles-a-plenty-a-plenty from the sceptical few participants in this performance of Seance. Absolute pitch darkness soon descends after the headphone-clad audience are invited to place our hands on the long and narrow table in front of us. ...

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LATITUDE 2016: Harry Baker

Harry Baker

Venue: Poetry Arena Reviewer: Fergus Morgan   Harry Baker, Poetry Slam Champion of the World. One imagines there’s a fair amount of pressure contained in that epithet, but Baker doesn’t show it if there is. In each of his twenty-minute sets in Latitude’s poetry tent, he exudes an easy-going, endearing casualness as he spews his short, sharp, and charmingly sweet ...

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LATITUDE 2016: Al Porter

Al Porter

Venue: Comedy Arena Reviewer: Andy Moseley Perhaps the nearby stall selling Emu's and Cuddles - two 70s TV soft toy puppets - knows something we don't. Anyone watching Al Porter's stand-up in the comedy tent will definitely feel like they have taken a step back in time. If you think of a mash-up of Alan Carr and Frank Carson with ...

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LATITUDE 2016: National Youth Dance Company – In-Nocentes

National Youth Dance Company in In nocentes

Choreographer:Michael Keegan-Dolan Venue: The Waterfront Stage Reviewer: Nicole Evans Arriving on stage shortly after The Richard Alston Dance Company, who have just won the audience over, The National Youth Dance Company have a lot to live up to while closing proceedings on The Waterfront Stage for Sadler's Wells. Performing a full-length version of their work, In-Nocentes - a piece exploring ...

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LATITUDE 2016: Sadler’s Wells Presents – Richard Alston Dance Company

Nomadic - Richard Alston Dance Company

Choreographer: Ajani Johnson-Goffe, Richard Alston,Martin Lawrance Venue: The Waterfront Stage Reviewer: Nicole Evans   After recruiting for volunteers for their Public Class shortly before their performances, The Richard Alston Dance Company, presented by Sadler's Wells, return to The Waterfront Stage to present extracts of some of their own work. First up is Stronghold II, an intense 15 minutes of water-tight ...

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LATITUDE 2016: Mark Watson

Mark Watson

Venue: The Comedy Tent Reviewer: Andy Moseley   As a comedian Mark Watson is not really relevant anymore, and in his Sunday slot at Latitude he resorts to old-school emotional blackmail by having his six-year-old son on stage with him to get audience sympathy and support. These, however, are his words, not this reviewers! Relevant or not, Watson still proves ...

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LATITUDE 2016: Luke McQueen

Venue: The Shed of Stories Reviewer: Andy Moseley   Some comedians pretend to be completely unprepared, making a virtue of their lack of planning, before going on to deliver an effortless stream of humour that takes an audience with them and easily fills the time they have before their set ends. Some comedians appear completely unprepared because that's what they ...

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