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BRIGHTON FRINGE: Woolly: The Morose Merino – The Warren Studio 3

Reviewer: Simon Topping Used to great effect in The Full Monty; Leave your Hat on blasts out of the venues’ speakers. Alexander Cofield, AKA Woolly, seductively thrusts on to the stage and subjects the audience to a most unusual striptease. More a shearing than a strip, this revealing of the flesh is unlike anything encountered in the aforementioned British film ...

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BRIGHTON FRINGE: Trainspotting Live – Sweet King Alfred’s

Writer: Irvine Welsh Adaptor: Harry Gibson Director: Adam Spreadbury-Maher with Greg Esplin Reviewer: Sophie Huggins Met with the immediate scent of sweat, the sound of heavy trance and the feel of no sleep, this show is set to immerse all of your senses in a heartbeat. This is Trainspotting Live at its finest and even before it begins there is ...

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BRIGHTON FRINGE: Hurricane Michael – The Warren Studio 3

Writer and performer: Russell Layton Director: Simon Hudson Reviewer: James Napleton In 1987 the BBC weather program broadcast that there was a meteorological disaster heading this way, it was called Hurricane Michael… Phish. A blur of punning, wordplay and parody Hurricane Michael is a frenzied one-man comedy that follows this meteorological maverick through his greatest achievements and biggest disaster. Michael ...

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BRIGHTON FRINGE: I Will Carry You Over Hard Times – Sweet St Andrews

I will carry you over hard times

Composer and Director: Falk Hübner Performer: Maarten Zaagman Reviewer: Glen Pearce Years ago Top Of The Pops became notorious for bands, increasingly obviously, miming along to songs. As you head into I Will Carry You Over Hard Times, Falk Hübner &  Maarten Zaagman’s contribution to Brighton Fringe’s Dutch Season, it is a thought that is hard to excise from your ...

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BRIGHTON FRINGE: The Love of Stationery – The Warren Theatre Box

Reviewer: Simon Topping As the lights hit the stage, we are introduced to a very odd individual. A woman, prepared for any eventuality, stands before us with a cycle helmet on (just in case a gargoyle falls on her head), a vacuum cleaner (called Henry) in her hands, a toilet roll belt round her waist and mounds of sugar in ...

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BRIGHTON FRINGE: One In Four – Broadway Lounge

Devisors and performers:  The CHANCE Collective Reviewer: James Napleton One in Four tackles the idea of mental illness as an invisible spectre, the signs are everywhere and we need to take notice of them. In this interesting and imaginative, newly devised, piece The CHANCE Collective use a range of theatrical ideas to bring this often taboo subject out into the open. ...

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BRIGHTON FRINGE: Sooz Kempner: Sooz on Film – Lamb@ Nowhere Man

Sooz Kempner in Sooz on FIlm

Reviewer: Simon Topping Sooz Kempner jumps onto stage with great enthusiasm and some very snazzy trainers on. Obsessed by film, Kempner yearns to win an Oscar. In this show, she tells us how she plans to grab one for herself as well as the circumstances that lead to her cinematic infatuation. This is the very first preview of the stand-up ...

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BRIGHTON FRINGE: Dead Puppets Society – Sweet Waterfront 1

Dead Puppet Society

Reviewer: Simon Topping Dan King springs into action on stage. Like a modern and twisted version of Timmy Mallet, the energy exudes off him as he starts to interact with the puppets; Bloo, Meep and the Sock Monster. He has, however, forgotten about Barry, the invisible puppet. He is not too happy his toe has just been trodden on! From ...

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