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BRIGHTON FRINGE: Enter the Dragons – Exeter Street Hall

Enter The Dragons

Writer and Performers: Abigail Dooley and Emma Edwards Director: Toby Park and Will Kerley Reviewer: Sophie Huggins With impressive credits such as Phillippe Gaulier, Peepolykus and Trestle attached to the two performers names, a sense of anticipation arises in the hope of physical engagement, anarchic comedy and clown storytelling, to which both Abigail Dooley and Emma Edwards not only deliver ...

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Brighton Fringe: Huldebiet: A Dramatic Concert – Brighton Spiegeltent

Huldebiet: A Dramatic Concert

Writers and Performers: 7090 and Bert Hana Reviewer: James Napleton A trip to the world of Huldebiet is like travelling to a new world somewhere between a childlike fantasy theatre and a birthday party infused with Lynchian absurdity. The performance is wonderful and strange, bizarre and satisfying, a shambling performance driven not by any discernable narrative but by the need ...

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BRIGHTON FRINGE: Agent of Influence: The Secret Life of Pamela More

Writer: Sarah Sigil Director: Jessica Beck Reviewer: Paul Couch While Lady Pamela More may be a fictional construct, the events during World War 2 that frame her story were very real. Lady Pamela is a Times fashionista whose weekly columns rarely stray from the territory of hemlines and hats, couture and camiknickers. However, amid the abdication crisis in 1936, it’s spotted ...

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BRIGHTON FRINGE: Kate Smurthwaite: Smurthwaite on Masculinity – The Warren Theatre Box

Smurthwaite on Masculinity

Reviewer: Simon Topping Sorry, we are told. Kate Smurthwaite cannot be with us tonight but we can bring you a comic from an underrepresented minority group in stand-up comedy; a white, well-off, middle-class man called Milo Standards. Standards (Smurthwaite’s alter-ego) enters the room, brimming with confidence and disdain. He is an over privileged, ex-public school boy and misogynist. The audience ...

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BRIGHTON FRINGE: Not The Horse – Brighton Youth Centre

Not The Horse

Writer: Mike Dickinson Director: Mike Dickinson Reviewer: Sophie Huggins The classic crime comedy usually involves the essential elements of bumbling fools, incompetent leaders and a sticky situation that needs untangling. In this brilliantly farcical show, Not The Horse, performed by Naughty Corner Productions, one key ingredient is added – horses, which allows the story to climb into the corners of ...

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BRIGHTON FRINGE: Candid – Sweet Waterfront 2

Wildkind Theatre's Candid

Devisors and performers: Faye Butler and Sophie Huggins Composer: Joseph Payne Dramaturg: Patrick Riley Reviewer: Glen Pearce A post-apocalyptic life has often proved a rich feeding ground for theatre creatives, and it proves so for Wildkind Theatre's Candid. Fusing physical theatre, movement, sound loops and a verbatim theatre feel, Candid follows a non-linear story arc but within its simplicity and ...

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