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Auditions – Sweet Grassmarket, Edinburgh

two men two women dressed in black

Book: Michael Sharmon Music & Lyrics: Michael Sharmon Reviewer: Lauren Humphreys Inspired by creator Michael Sharmon's personal experience and seemingly hugely influenced by A Chorus Line, Auditions is a somewhat clichéd take on the much-dreaded audition process. The hugely experienced cast of four, play out a series of vignettes on ageism, sexism, racism and nepotism to name a few -isms, each accompanied ...

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Big Bite-Size Breakfast Show – Pleasance Dome, Edinburgh

woman with croissant and strawberries on her head

Reviewer: Emily Hall Travellers from out of town hoping to get the most out Fringe will all appreciate Pleasance’s Bite-Sized Breakfast Shows. Human and relatable, each one of these short plays is worth seeing, squeezing a plethora of genres into just one morning. The show wastes no time. You are handed tea, strawberries and a croissant on the door and ...

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Mies Julie – Assembly Rooms, Edinburgh

man woman lying on table two women fanning them

Writer: Yael Farber (after August Strindberg) Director: Yael Farber Reviewer: Deborah Klayman A smash hit in 2012, Mies Julie returns to this year’s Edinburgh Festival Fringe as part of the Baxter Theatre Season. Based on August Strindberg’s classic play with its strong themes of gender and class, this version is transported to post-Apartheid South Africa; superbly adapted, modernised and staged ...

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Gazing at a Distant Star – Assembly George Square, Edinburgh

Writer: Siân Rowland Director: James Haddrell Reviewer: Deborah Klayman When someone you care about goes missing, how do you move on? How do you grieve, find closure, or make sense of things when you are constantly in limbo? In Siân Rowland’s Gazing at a Distant Star, Karen, Arun and Anna each exist in their own space, tangentially connected, all trying ...

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Open Road – C Royale, Edinburgh

illustration of a dashboard with open road ahead

Writer: Eliana Ostro   Director: Antonia Ward Reviewer: R. G. Balgray Imagine if you could plan your life on the basis of knowing when you would die. That is the premise underwriting Ecce Theatre’s Open Road at C Royale, in the Royal Society building in George Street. In a fresh and energetic production, six young actors work through just what this would mean ...

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Borders – Gilded Balloon Teviot, Edinburgh

woman in flotation vest falling under water

Writer: Henry Naylor Director: Michael Cabot Reviewer:  R. G. Balgray Two artists from two different worlds present Henry Naylor’s powerful play Borders at the Gilded Balloon Dining Room. One is the English Sebastian Nightingale, aspiring war photographer; the other is 'Nameless', a young Syrian girl painter. The play charts each’s progress. On a bare set, two stools the only props, ...

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Your Love Is Fire – Summerhall, Edinburgh

woman with red hair man with grey hair on phone

Writer: Mudar Alhaggi Director: Rafat Alzakout Reviewer: Chloe St George It is the world premiere of Your Love Is Fire, and the image of a cat teasing and finally devouring a mouse sets the subsequent tone: slow torture. In a dim Damascus apartment, Hala and Rand are forced to act out daily struggles, against a backdrop of chaos in the ...

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Brutal Cessation – Assembly George Square, Edinburgh

man and woman sit on floor in a white space

Writer: Milly Thomas Director: Bethany Pitts Reviewer: Stephen Bates When relationships go wrong, the result can be amicable (or unamicable) separation; in celebrity circles it can be “conscious uncoupling”, but, in her 50-minute play, Milly Thomas asks us to consider another option - that of brutal cessation. An unnamed couple face each other inside an unfurnished white square; they are ...

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