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Bucket List – The Lowry, Salford

Director: Nir Paldi Reviewer: Andrea Allen You’ve been given three months to live. You’ve got nothing to lose. What would you do? Go out and kill your worst enemy? Maybe a few of them? In vengeance for her mother’s death after she is gunned down for speaking out against capitalist and governmental corruption, Bucket List tells the story of Milagros, a ...

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The Wedding – New Wolsey Theatre, Ipswich

Gecko's The Wedding

Creator: Amit Lahav and The Company Associate Director: Rich Rusk Original Music: Dave Price Reviewer Glen Pearce Those familiar with Gecko’s work will know that there is rarely such a thing as a finished work, with director Amit Lahav constantly evolving and reviewing pieces. It was, therefore, inevitable that the work in progress showing of their latest piece, The Wedding, ...

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On. Pulse. – Project Arts Centre, Dublin

Creator: Lucia Kickham Choreographer: Lucia Kickham in collaboration with the performers Reviewer: Ciara L. Murphy “How do we measure and store time in our bodies? What happens if these processes become fragmented?” These are the questions that Lucia Kickham interrogates in this piece of dance theatre. On. Pulse. is a triple bill of new dance work, which works with the ...

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Wild Card: Dan Daw – Sadler’s Wells, London

Director: Graham Adey Reviewer: Maryam Philpott We are constantly told that the modern world is all about the self and we should be taking every opportunity to find out who we really are. From selfies and social media to our longer working hours everything is about presenting a veneer of having it all – a wild party lifestyle and business ...

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Lord of the Dance: Dangerous Games – The Grand, Leeds

Creator, Producer and Director: Michael Flatley Choreography: Michael Flatley Composer: Gerard Fahy Reviewer: Ruth Jepson The original Lord of the Dance blazed onto the stage a shocking 20 years ago, with Michael Flatley's fast feet setting the world on fire as audiences hungered to experience the jaw-dropping Irish dancing skills of him and his cast. The show has gone through ...

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Oyster Boy – Old Joint Stock, Birmingham

Devised by Haste Theatre Reviewer:  Selwyn Knight Tim Burton is well known for his dark eccentric fantasy films, but in 1997 he also produced a book in a similar vein, The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy & Other Stories. The title story, written in verse, is the inspiration for Haste Theatre’s Oyster Boy. The story is a simple allegory about ...

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The Voiceless – The Space, London

Director: Alice Langley Reviewer: Christy Ku The Voiceless - a performance that combines physical theatre, circus and dance to create a disappointing and awkward experience. The show opens with an overused cliché of performance theatre - they are unable to connect to each other so they stretch their hands towards each other before turning away, trying to touch and then ...

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Stepmother/ Stepfather – Pavilion Dance South West, Bournemouth

Choreographer: Arthur Pita  Director: Arthur Pita Reviewer: Sophie Huggins While fairy tale folklore usually evokes feelings of familiar, reminiscent childhood, there is something not quite so innocent in Arthur Pita’s double bill of subverted storytelling. In collaboration with HeadSpaceDance, the audience is seduced into a dark, physically engaged world where all is not as it seems. Split into two parts, ...

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