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Brighton Fringe: Performancegate – The Marlborough Theatre


Artists: Jodie Rowe and Eugenie Arrowsmith Reviewer: James Napleton A one-night performance art show, Performancegate takes its audience into the strange realms of conceptual performance and returns them a little blustered. The show is broken up into two parts. The first section is an autobiographical performance where Eugenie goes through an old suitcase full with some of her grandmothers’ possessions. She ...

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JOAN – Ovalhouse, London

Writer and Director: Lucy J Skilbeck Reviewer: Alex Ramon From a silent film classic and an often-revived George Bernard Shaw play to songs by Leonard Cohen, Kate Bush and Madonna, the singular figure of Joan of Arc has remained a somewhat unlikely icon and object of inspiration in 20th and 21st Century popular culture. This enduring fascination must be down, ...

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Queen of Carnage – The Space, London

Creative Lead / Director: Sobriety Twist Reviewer: Maryam Philpott There is a point where performance art and theatre intersect and it’s usually at the more absurdist end of the theatrical scale, but fetish performance is something you rarely come across depending on how sheltered a life you’ve led and presumably the venues you frequent. The Space is hosting Sobriety Twist’s ...

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Human Machine: binary 2 – Tristan Bates Theatre, London

Writers: Piotr Mirowski and Kory Mathewson Reviewer: Maryam Philpott Never work with children or animals would be actors are told, but now there’s another item to add to that list – never work with robots. Piotr Mirowski and Kory Mathewson’s new improvising show Human Machine: binary 2 is about as ambitious as a comedy show can be, not only creating ...

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Lord of the Dance: Dangerous Games – The Grand, Leeds

Creator, Producer and Director: Michael Flatley Choreography: Michael Flatley Composer: Gerard Fahy Reviewer: Ruth Jepson The original Lord of the Dance blazed onto the stage a shocking 20 years ago, with Michael Flatley's fast feet setting the world on fire as audiences hungered to experience the jaw-dropping Irish dancing skills of him and his cast. The show has gone through ...

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Cirque Berserk! – Lyceum Theatre, Sheffield

Creative Director: Julius Green Reviewer: Ruth Jepson Cirque Berserk! starts with the announcement you never expect to hear in a theatre - keep your phones on, take photos and video, and tweet to your heart’s content. And you will definitely want to (especially when the robot walks out). The show is a healthy mix of traditional circus fare, like clowning ...

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Home/Sick – JACK, Brooklyn, NY

Writer/Creator: The Assembly (Stephen Aubrey, Edward Bauer, Ben Beckley, Nick Benacerraf, Kate Benson, Marianne Broome, Jess Chayes, Anna Abhau Elliott, Luke Harlan, Emily Louise Perkins) Director: Jess Chayes Reviewer: Jamie Rosler Protests and left-wing radicalism. Sexual politics and patriarchal male behavior. Illegal war and racial tension. Home/Sick is ostensibly a story about the Weather Underground of the 1960s, but clearly has deep ...

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Sick Festival: Talking About You For Hours – The Lowry, Salford

Noah Voelker's performance art Talking About You For Hours

Reviewer: Matt Forrest The Sick Festival is up and running in Manchester once again: a celebration of life, death and the struggles and challenges we all face in our day-to-day lives. The programme presents a wide range of artists, speakers and shows with a truly international flavour, as there are close ties to the Dutch Performing Arts team. There is ...

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