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Trust – Gate Theatre, London

Writer: Falk Richter Adaptor: Maja Zade Director: Jude Christian Reviewer: Maryam Philpott Civilisations rise and fall, there is something almost inevitable about it. The Romans, the Ottomans even the Brits once had the most significant empires in the world, but one by one they all collapsed and were replaced by something else. Falk Richter’s play Trust uses the metaphor of ...

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The Lady With a Dog – White Bear Theatre, London

Original story: Anton Chekhov Adaptor and director: Mark Giesser Reviewer: Stephen Bates Starting with a short story written by Anton Chekhov in 1899, writer and director Mark Giesser has devised a play about marital infidelity in the mid-1920s that has the feel of Noël Coward. It hovers between the casual frivolity of Private Lives and the fraught, guilt-ridden romance of ...

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Frankenstein – The Space, London

Writer: Mary Shelly Adaptor: Isabel Dixon Director: Katherine Timms Reviewer: Sophia Moss It’s a dark, stormy night and Elizabeth Frankenstein (Danielle Winter) is chanting in Latin as she attempts to bring her creature, made from three dead bodies to life. It succeeds and the creature shrieks in agony, writhing around like something out of The Exorcist, but Elizabeth is terrified and ...

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Foul Pages – Hope Theatre, London

Writer: Robin Hooper Director: Matthew Parker Reviewer: Stephen Bates All the World’s a stage in Robin Hooper’s new play, a bawdy romp set in 1603 when a production of As You Like It is being staged to please the newly-crowned King James I/VI.  The theatre, it seems, is the centre of everything in this tale of backstage backstabbing, political intrigue ...

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A Passage to India – Park Theatre, London

Writer: E.M Forster Adaptor: Simon Dormandy Director: Sebastian Armesto and Simon Dormandy Reviewer: Maryam Philpott “One cannot be friends with the English”, and the examination of this warning that runs through E. M. Forster’s celebrated novel A Passage to India which presages the fight for Indian independence in the year’s leading up to the First World War. There is no ...

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Strangers on a Train – Richmond Theatre, London

two men talking at a bar

Writer: Patricia Highsmith Adaptor: Craig Warner Director: Anthony Banks Reviewer: Joanna Trainor Is there such a thing as the perfect murder? Based on the 1950 novel by Patricia Highsmith, Craig Warner’s adaptation of Strangers on a Train comes to Richmond. When Guy Haines (Call the Midwife’s Jack Ashton) clinks glasses with fellow train passenger Charles Bruno (Chris Harper), he cannot ...

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Napoleon Disrobed – Arcola Theatre, London

Adapted by: Told by an Idiot Director: Kathryn Hunter Reviewer: Maryam Philpott The twentieth-century was full of conspiracy theories; while some dealt with faked moon landings and the Roswell cover-up, most of the believed skulduggery surrounded the deaths of famous celebrities - Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, John F Kennedy, even Princess Diana were so famous they couldn’t possibly have died ...

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The Droves – COLAB Factory, London

Director and Writer: Tom Bowtell Reviewer: Maryam Philpott “A world of pure imagination” exists in the basement of a former carpet factory near London Bridge. Gene Wilder may be most associated with this famous phrase but even Willy Wonka would be astounded at the semi-immersive experience created by a group of children from Tower Hamlets over the course of a ...

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