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Transatlantic Sessions – Symphony Hall, Birmingham

Reviewer:  John Kennedy For a more than a decade now, Birmingham commissures of Celtic/Americana Roots music have eagerly welcomed back the Transatlantic Sessions anticipating an uplifting and much-needed tonic to a weary world - and never more so. These artists and their collective eclectic muse are an apposite reminder that this sublime, canon of music draws its inspirational soul from ...

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My Arm – Warwick Arts Centre

Writer: Tim Crouch Director: Karl James Reviewer:  Nicole Evans Tim Crouch's My Arm, at face value, is a superbly told intriguing story about a childhood exercise of attention-seeking determination that got out of hand. A first-person monologue of a thirty-something man who has lived most of his life with one arm held above his head to the detriment of his ...

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Holst’s The Planets – Symphony Hall, Birmingham

Nicholas Collon

Conductor: Nicholas Collon Reviewer:  Selwyn Knight The Planets is possibly the most popular and enduring of the orchestral works of Gustav Holst. Based on the astrological properties of the planets to give each of its movements its own flavour and personality, its original title was Seven Pieces for Large Orchestra, and this is certainly appropriate as the large stage of ...

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The Red Shoes – Birmingham Hippodrome

Director and Choreographer: Matthew Bourne Reviewer:  Hannah Powell A fabulous display of strength, grace, power, and emotion - based upon the classic Powell and Pressburger film, The Red Shoes is a fantastic piece of theatre designed to draw in its audience and keep them completely engaged right up to the very end. The dancers make every move look effortless and ...

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Wonderland – New Alexandra Theatre, Birmingham

Stephen Webb and Kerry Ellis in Wonderland

Book: Gregory Boyd and Jack Murphy (from the works of Lewis Caroll) Music: Frank Wildhorn Lyrics: Jack Murphy Director: Lotte Wakeham Reviewer: James Garrington If you come to see Wonderland hoping for something profound with well-rounded characters, you are in the wrong place. There is a moral, a lesson to take away – but more than anything it’s a lot ...

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In The Motherhood – mac, Birmingham

In The Motherhood

Writer: Hayley Pepler Director: Tom Saunders Reviewer:  John Kennedy The universality of perfect motherhood as a primal, nurturing absolute is frothily deconstructed in this wry, aridly dry, newly-penned observational satire by playwright Hayley Pepler. But is something much more sinister being nurtured here? Might the overbearing chic Bonnie (Sarah Horner) bottle-blonde and alabaster, the chalk to Nita’s (Louise Mardenborough) nits and ...

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There Will Be Blood: Live – Symphony Hall, Birmingham

Composer: Jonny Greenwood Conductor: Hugh Brunt Director: Paul Thomas Anderson Reviewer:  George Attwell Gerhards One notable thing about There Will Be Blood is Jonny Greenwood’s haunting soundtrack, an assault of tense and uneasy strings that sets your teeth on edge right from the first few shots. It perfectly captures the mood of Paul Thomas Anderson’s bleak sparse exploration of the ...

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