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Brighton Fringe


Brighton Fringe is England’s largest arts festival and one of the largest fringe festivals in the world. Taking place every May across Brighton and Hove, the open access festival sees over 900 events take place in over 170 venues.

Alongside the productions, Brighton Fringe offers a range of professional development workshops, mentoring and bursaries.

The Reviews Hubis proud to be a Media Partner for Brighton Fringe 2016

For more information visit www.brightonfringe.org

BRIGHTON FRINGE: And The Rope Still Tugging At Her Feet – The Warren

And The Rope Still Tugging At My Feet

Writer: Caroline Burns Cooke Director: Colin Watkeys Reviewer: Daniel Perks   Caroline Burns Cooke, writer and performer, takes centre stage. Tired and exhausted in a shabby black dress, she spends the next hour pouring out her tragedy based on Joanne Hayes and the 1984 Kerry Babies Scandal. It may be inspired by past events, but And The Rope Still Tugging ...

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BRIGHTON FRINGE: Sellotape Sisters – The Warren, Brighton

Signal Theatre's Sellotape Sisters

Writer: Lee Mattinson Director: Robert Wolstenholme Reviewer: Daniel Perks   Seeing Sellotape Sisters at the Brighton Fringe Festival presents an immediate contrast. A city renowned for Gay Pride hosts a play that highlights how only a few decades beforehand, this overly flamboyant and visual celebration would have been completely avant-garde and unacceptable. It is 1966 and homosexuality is illegal. Phyllis ...

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BRIGHTON FRINGE: 10 Things I Hate About UKIP – Caroline of Brunswick

Joe Wells - 10 Things I Hate About UKIP

Performer: Joe Wells Reviewer: Niall Harman “Who would have thought that a show about hating UKIP would sell so well in Brighton?” asks comedian Joe Wells, who brought his disdain for the UK Independence Party to a sold out audience at the Caroline of Brunswick on Saturday. Taking his title from the popular Heath Ledger flick 10 Things I Hate ...

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BRIGHTON FRINGE: Titus Andronicus – Pavilion Gardens

Writer: William Shakespeare Reviewer: Fergus Morgan There are innumerable risks with staging Shakespeare outdoors in Britain. Rain, wind, cold, heat, improper seating – all can be a real pain in the arse for both audience and performers. The BRIT School’s all-female production of Titus Andronicus, which is one of three Shakespeare plays presented in Brighton’s Pavilion Gardens during the festival, ...

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BRIGHTON FRINGE: Broken Glass – New Venture Theatre

Broken Glass

Writer: Arthur Miller Director: Jerry Lyne Reviewer: Fergus Morgan   There must be a reason, one assumes, why post-1970 Arthur Miller plays are so rarely revived. Compared to titanic titles such as All My Sons (1947), Death Of A Salesman (1949) and The Crucible (1950), names like The American Clock (1974) and The Last Yankee (1991) sound like tambourines next ...

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BRIGHTON FRINGE: The Brighton Killers – The Old Police Cells Museum

The Brighton Killers

Writer: Nigel Fairs Reviewer: Fergus Morgan   Everyone shares a morbid fascination with murderers. It’s just a fact. And it’s a fact that Nigel Fairs exploits in The Brighton Killers, his 80-minute play about killers from the south coast, staged atmospherically in The Old Police Cells Museum. It’s part promenade production, part museum tour, and all sinister, spooky, bloodstained fun. ...

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BRIGHTON FRINGE: The Man With The Golden Pen – Rialto Theatre

Writer: Mark Burgess Director: Louise Jameson Reviewer: Fergus Morgan There are few literary creations, perhaps none, as successful as James Bond: over 100 million books sold worldwide, the third highest-grossing movie franchise of all time, and a handful of silver screen legends. But, for all his universal popularity, 007 was once solely the property of his charismatic creator, Ian Fleming. ...

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NEWS: Brighton Fringe 2016 marks halfway point

England’s largest arts festival, Brighton Fringe, which The Reviews Hub ismedia partner for, today [21 May 2016] marks the halfway point of the 2016 edition. Officially opening on Friday 6th May, the festival has already seen hundreds of performers and thousands of festival goers descend on East Sussex for a celebration across all art forms. Organisers of the open access ...

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