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Brighton Fringe is England’s largest arts festival and one of the largest fringe festivals in the world. Taking place every May across Brighton and Hove, the open access festival sees over 900 events take place in over 170 venues.

Alongside the productions, Brighton Fringe offers a range of professional development workshops, mentoring and bursaries.

The Reviews Hubis proud to be a Media Partner for Brighton Fringe 2016

For more information visit www.brightonfringe.org

OPINION: Lunch Time Before Crunch Time

The venues may have been returned to their normal, year-round, use. The flyers all handed out and the performers enjoying a post-festival relax but the impact of Brighton Fringe still rolls on. The naughty boys behind Brighton Fringe hit Thunderflop, Zach Zucker, Viggo Venn and Jonny Woolley, finally put pen to paper to share their experience of their first visit ...

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BRIGHTON ROCKS: Our Brighton Fringe Picks – 4 – 5 June

So we're at the end of Brighton Fringe 2016 and what an exciting and exhausting time it's been! With just two more days left, here's our tips for five of the best still to see.   Something Rotten Hamlet’s Uncle Claudius: incestuous, fratricidal regicide or rightful ruler unafraid of tough decisions? Robert Cohen takes you backstage at Elsinore, reassessing Shakespeare ...

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BRIGHTON FRINGE:5 Guys Chillin’ – The Warren

  Writer/ Director: Peter Darney Reviewer: Daniel Perks Social media has transformed the relationship game once again – from blind dates to dating websites, it is now apps such as Tinder or Happn that market themselves as the latest tools to help the busy singleton find love. None has altered a single cultural scene so much as Grindr, the world’s ...

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BRIGHTON FRINGE: Buttons – The Warren

Writers and Directors: Dana Segal and Joni-Rae Carrack Reviewer: Fergus Morgan 'Whereof one cannot speak, thereof one must be silent.' That's Wittgenstein. It's a square quote stuffed into a round hole by Dakin in Alan Bennett's The History Boys, used to put a journalistic stamp on his argument that the Holocaust cannot be discussed because it lies so far beyond ...

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BRIGHTON FRINGE: MorbidAbnormalMe – The Blue Man

Writers and Directors: Shea Wojtus and Nora Smith Reviewer: Fergus Morgan MorbidAbnormalMe isn't exactly an original piece of theatre. As a highly physical, mildly comic, two-person investigation into a common psychological phobia performed in the basement of a slightly seedy bar, it's pretty damned typical for Fringe productions. But it's neat and its polished and it's got heartso it ultimately ...

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BRIGTON FRINGE: 1972: The Future of Sex – The Old Market

Writer: Tom Brennan, Tom Crosley-Thorne, Tom England, Emily Greenslade, Jesse Jones, Kerry Lovell, Jesse Meadows, Helena Middleton, James Newton, Ben Vardy, Edythe Woolley Director: Tom Brennan and Jesse Jones Reviewer: Fergus Morgan 1972: a year of escalating trouble in Northern Ireland, record unemployment, and London's first pride march. It was a time when young people everywhere were throwing off the ...

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BRIGHTON ROCKS: Our Brighton Fringe Picks – Bank Holiday Weekend

Time flies when you're having fun, and we're already entering the fourth week of Brighton Fringe. Over 2000 performances have already taken place, but that's just the tip of the iceberg with plenty of goodies still to come. It's a long Bank Holiday weekend, so you've even more opportunities to catch a show at Brighton Fringe. With so much happening, ...

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BRIGHTON FRINGE: Trygve Wakenshaw: Kraken – The Old Market

Writer and Director: Trygve Wakenshaw Reviewer: Fergus Morgan It takes great skill to make a room full of people laugh without making sound. It takes even more to push a large audience into fits of hysterics without so much as uttering a syllable. And if you can do that, while simultaneously getting them to vividly imagine you murdering a unicorn ...

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