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Birdsong – New Alexandra Theatre, Birmingham

Writer: Rachel Wagstaff from the book by Sebastian Faulks Directors: Alistair Whatley and Charlotte Peters Reviewer: James Garrington Birdsong as a novel is something of an epic. It stretches to over 500 pages, covering a period of many years and several generations. Compressing all of this into a two-hour stage play would seem to be an enormous challenge, and Rachel Wagstaff has succeeded ...

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Beirut – The Park Theatre, London

Writer:  Alan Bowne Director:  Robin Lefevre Reviewer:  Richard Maguire The poster for this play is deliberately provocative; in shadowy velvet tones suggesting, initially, it’s an advert for red wine, a woman’s tongue seems poised to lick a man’s buttock. But look closer, and on his skin is the tattooed letter P. It stands for Blood Positive in this dark and ...

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The Exploded Circus – The Lowry, Salford

Writer: Mimbre Director: Lina Johansson Composer : Quinta Reviewer: Dave Cunningham From the moment you walk into the theatre, it is obvious why the new show from female-led contemporary circus company Mimbre is called The Exploded Circus. The set by Loren Elstein comprises objects one might expect to see in a circus – a trick bicycle, yards of lights, hoops, ...

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Ish…  – The Roundhouse, London

Writer and Director: Georgie Jones Reviewer: Maryam Philpott There are plenty of things you wish you’d known as a teenager, so if you went back in time armed with the knowledge you have now you could things differently or better. We may have been clueless then, but it doesn’t mean we really know what we’re doing now. Georgie Jones one-woman ...

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GUY   – Venue:  The Bunker, London

Book and Lyrics:  Leoe Mercer Music:  Stephen Hyde Director: Sam Ward Reviewer:  Richard Maguire Of all the shows playing at the Breaking Out season at the Bunker Theatre, GUY, a new musical, feels the most complete. In its current state, it may lack some sophistication when it comes to production values, but the acting is first class, the singing is ...

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Kiss Chase   – The Bunker, London

Writer and Director: Hannah Samuels Reviewer:  Richard Maguire It’s difficult to review Kiss Chase for two reasons. First, it would be unfair to reveal too much of its structure and spoil the surprise, and second, there’s very little theatre here. Playing as part of The Bunker Theatre’s Breaking Out season, a series of short plays by new and emerging theatre companies, ...

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Fear of Oatmeal – Theater for the New City, New York

[Fear of Oatmeal] [Theater for the New City, NYC] (c)Walesca Ambroise

Writer: Muriel Miguel Director: Muriel Miguel Reviewer: Carrie Lee O’Dell Today the Brooklyn neighborhoods of Cobble Hill and Boerum Hill are home to pricey condos, restaurants, and shopping destinations. There are a few remnants of the area’s earlier days as a hub for recent transplants to the city. It’s easy to spot the influence of the immigrants from Italy, Ireland, ...

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FIFTY-WORD FRINGE PITCH: Christian Finnegan on his show My Goodness

man in grey suit against maroon background

With time being precious during the Edinburgh Festival Fringe we challenged this year’s acts to deliver a 50-word elevator pitch for their show. This time it’s the turn of US comedian Christian Finnegan. In his Fringe debut, US comedy star Christian Finnegan takes stock of what it means to be a passable human being. It's the only comedy show to ...

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